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Alborj Alfadi Company is a service commercial establishment that aims to provide the best services with the highest quality and products at the best prices and of the finest types in the world, where we provide all the advanced technology in the Libyan market, and where we invite you to visit our showroom and we also provide a department for technical support that is characterized by experience and high quality Our success and our launch came from Good administrative and organizational work. We have reaped our experience by developing the capabilities of our administrative, engineering and technical team, through our good relationship with several international companies, and our dealings with them came through visits, correspondence and transactions related to modern technology that the world has reached now. Based on this site, we saw that we initiate mutual success. And putting forward ideas to provide the best solutions and services in various fields, and to enter and compete strongly in order to show our advisory and executive capabilities in various technical fields, technical support and others, and to enter first in the Libyan market step by step. Our ambition is to reach a leading place in the Libyan map and then to the regional and global map.

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Alborj Alfadi Company for the trade of phones, electronics, accessories and original iPhone spare parts, aims to provide the best services with the highest quality and products at the best prices and of the finest types in the world, as Al-Burj Al-Fadhi Company provides all advanced technology.

To Achieve Customer Satisfaction
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Alborj Alfedi Company provides innovative and high-quality services at the best prices and the highest features and specifications, and provides sales service for many original products to international companies.

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ll warranty and maintenance services provided by the Alborj Alfedi Company are approved by the manufacturers, as your device is maintained by professional and certified engineers, and it will be maintained using original spare parts and components.

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We have payment methods with services (pay me-mobi cash-certified check-prepaid cards for the banks of the Aljomhoria-Alwahda-Altejary-north Africa).

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Why choose Alborj Alfadi Electronics

offered to you Silver Tower Electronics Its high-end and distinctive products are of high quality

Original spare parts

We guarantee that you will get original spare parts at reasonable prices

Competitive Prices

The Alborj Alfadi offers you its high-end and distinctive products of high quality and competitive prices

Certified guarantee certificate

We offer a full year warranty on the maintenance provided by our maintenance team


Your device will be serviced by certified professional engineers and will be serviced using original parts and components.

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  • The main branch: Al-Fuwaihat, Pepsi Street.
    The second branch of Al-Salmani near Al-Shaab Pharmacy.

  • 0 0918104444

  • info@alborj.ly

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